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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 20, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's april 20th. time for some great viral videos "right this minute." police frantically work to save a child who is trapped. >> 6 1/2' deep. >> the stunning reason her fall wasn't the first. a daring guy is on a scary mission. >> the highest point to enjoy the view. >> see the death defying climb to the tippy tippy top. dude gets to work to make his lady -- >> the perfect engagement ring. >> how his personal touch makes for the perfect proposal. >> that's a great proposal right there. my kind of we've got cristihriristiacr including the girl concerned about the bark collar. >> there's only one logical way
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to test it. >> i'm going to put it on my dad. >> why dad's results are quite shocking. >> when parents say to their kids, go play outside, i'm pretty sure this is not what they mean. and that being falling in a hole. >> what kind of hole is this? a well? construction? >> it sounds like this was a passageway for a series of cables that are managed by a television station. and authorities think that this particular television station was opening up these holes to access their cables and service them. but in doing so, they were just leaving them open. a little girl happened to be running around playing in that area, and she fell right in. >> how big? how far? how bad? >> this one isn't as bad as some of the ones we've seen on the show. it was 6 1/2 feet deep.
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fortunately even though the little girl was really scared, she wasn't injured. this happened in argentina. eventually after a little carefully maneuvering they bring the girl back up. >> the sad thing is they didn't cover it back up. >> turns out this the second time a kid has fallen into this hole and they haven't done anything about it. that's why people are pretty upset they are not being more careful, more diligent, to prevent this from happening. to melbourne, australia, where this video comes from. families hanging out having a fun afternoon watching videos on tablets there. it's a bit of an unusual place to lounge around. that little guy, tom, was taking the shower. he put his finger in the drain and he was stuck in there five hours. even when ffrts got there, they still could be get it out. they had to cut around the drain plug and pull the entire piece out with his finger stuck to it and send him to the hospital. you can see there's a picture of
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him in the plug and him in the hospital waiting for it to be removed. our law is back doing what he does best -- >> breaking into the law. >> breaking into this building in melbourne, australia, finding the highest appoint in the city to enjoy the view. >> the padlock doesn't stop them. they start their way outside the building. looks lick they start the sketchy ascent inside what i assume is going to be the elevator shaft. >> if something happens, who is going to know he's down the shaft for a while. >> the issue is if he becomes a stain at the elevator shaft it's on the company, their insurance. >> he was interviewed in australia. >> he does say it's like taking your life in your hands. he doesn't commit to anything he's not 110 certain of. >> not like he hasn't been caught, dubai, bangkok, a handful of times in the uk. none of these are too serious. reach out to the police.
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they are investigating this video. >> thank you. >> looks like he may have met his match. there's a chain, a padlock. no, immediately back around the outside. while he might be at the top of the building, they aren't done yet. >> they don't have the key, do they? >> don't worry. they are not going to be that irresponsible. what he does see is his goal. >> no. >> don't worry. he's not heading down, just to the top of the crane. >> you can see the crane is at a pretty steep angle. just so you know, he's now passed about 700 feet. once he does make it to the top, he does get an incredible view of the city. >> the garden bubble cam. there it is. live stream of a garden in delray beach, florida. if you get the bubble. >> no. >> are you kidding?
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>> no. they purchased a high-volume bubble machine in 2000. said wouldn't it be cool if people could logon to the internet and activate it themselves. mike was like, hmm, he programmed it so you can go to the bubble machine, click bubbles, and for 30 seconds you get a stream of bubbles. doesn't run at night. number two, the wind might carry the bubbles away. >> you do it. >> i want to do it. i want to do it. i want to do it. yay. >> 30 seconds of happiness. for p&l people he wrote cgi script to run the machine. for the rest of it, if it doesn't work, it's because sometimes they forget to fill it with fluid. >> i love these people for doing this. well done, andy and mike, well done. >> i don't know from personal experience by you hear finding the perfect engagement ring can
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be a daunting task. so many shapes, size sz, cuts, so many look alike. mike boyd went to check out the rings and couldn't find the right one, so he thought he'd take a jewelry class. >> that's exactly what i would have said. doesn't matter what it is, just try to make it personal in some way. >> he's got a friend that he went to school with and she happens to be a jewelry maker. why not teach her how to make the perfect engagement ring? >> first thing we want to do it cut the silver to size. >> there's cutting, texture, scissor holder -- >> feels like you're skipping over some important details about how to actually make a ring. >> that's why i'm not making it, he is. >> the ring shaped thing. we'll solder the tube that holds it in place with silver solder. >> this is a process nobody would think about. >> i'm just going to file that. >> time to file. now comes the fun part. the diamond. >> going to click.
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>> she explains to him how they are going to clip the diamond into the setting. here they at the point of no return. >> you know it happens. you better not have any cracks in your floor. >> he holds it together, gets the diamond in there. now the finishing touches. >> wow, this is so pretty. >> mike seems to be pretty happy with it. >> look at that. i can't believe i made that. >> here is where the video gets interesting. there's the lady kim. she's setting there on a rock. behind him she hands him the phone. honey, look at this pretty cool project i did. >> she's like, wait a minute. she finishes the video, he pulls the box out, drops to one knee. >> that's a great proposal right there. my kind of guy. >> it is a wonderful proposal. she says yes, and i love it.
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brad buyers really has a nose for money. >> i didn't even know you could do this. >> find out if buyers can break the world record for balancing a bill on his beak. >> there's no way dude. no way. >> and -- >> no! >> learn the cause behind this expensive ferrari and lamborghini collision. >> somewhere an insurance agent is crying.
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by -- congestion with allegra-d®. i bet you can't do any of
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this. take a dollar bill. i didn't know you could do this. granted balance anything. but a dollar bill is so light. there's a crease in the bill. he's going to put it on his nose and see how long he can do it. takes him a couple of tries. i'm thinking no way, dude. there's no way. then before you know it, the dude is balancing the friggin' dollar bill. >> this is lunacy. >> it's impressive. it's hard enough balancing, like, a pencil on your hand. >> when i say how, i'm not saying how do you do it, i'm saying how did he discover he could do it. >> it turns out someone set that record before for just over 46 seconds. this guy is now way passed 46 seconds and is still going. >> wow. >> i knew it. it's cool. i'd be much more impressed. >> eventually at the end, he
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loses his balance and the dollar bill falls. he thinks he set a new record of 2:22. >> his name is brad buyers and on his youtube channel he shares videos of his performances. he's a bit of a showman. >> here is another thing you can't do. how about go to a climbing gym with heels. >> it's the shoes. she's probably doing really well. >> there's some people, some women, that can do anything in heel. >> that is seriously ridiculous. >> it looks pretty cool. if you can secure the edge of the show on a smaller handled grip you can hoist your self up and help your self out. if you lose your balance, dig your shoes in the wall. >> i can't climb a wall in whatever shoe you're supposed to, so go girl. >> one of those days you're feeling good, you're feeling cool. you want to go out there and just capture that moment. here is a guy. >> no!
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>> somewhere an insurance agent is crying. >> you know what stumped me, the guy in the baseball cap like he's hoping the car will stop. >> the guy in the red jacket is fueling up that lamborghini. he didn't see what was happening until the very last second. then boom, there you see the gas can go down. apparently the guy driving that ferrari f-430 got caught out by the track. this is what you can pay to drive these cars. kind of sad to see. the next guy out for a sunday cruise on his skateboard. feeling it right there. yeah. somebody behind him, too. with me, bra? >> yeah. >> nothing in his way for now. >> dude, what were you doing? >> that's what i said. whoa. >> now really, who should have moved. >> it's a tough situation.
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i've got to believe this is a walking path not really designed for skateboards. he does shout out a warning. they either heard it or didn't see him until too late. >> they moved to the side and he planned on gong. >> the next guy, a little bare foot water-skiing. see his elbows start to streak now as he relaxes into it. >> and a face plant. >> that is because you know water is like a brick wall. >> if he was doing that on purpose -- >> these kids have got some old souls. >> check out these kids and their dad on the next "right this minute." and still to come -- it's called tinnitus and affects millions. >> people exist with a constance hiss, whistle, whine. >> that's what i wake up to.
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present. >> constant hiss, constant whistle, constant whine. >> when i was driving a large military vehicle. >> veterans as a population, of course, affected much more by it. >> it was hit by hand-held anti-tank grenades. i remember hearing ringing after that. >> it can really affect people. it becomes a vicious cycle. >> you pull away from life. you get more and more depressed and it makes the tinnitus actually worse. >> it takes any experience of joy that you could have. >> there's no cure for this. there's nothing that can make these people's lives better? >> that's the thing. there was a popular post on reddit that talked about how somebody found a way -- >> take pointer fingers and put it on my middle finger. create pressure on that middle finger. >> through a rather simple exercise. >> what does that have to do with your ears.
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>> it calms my hand. i put it over my ear. >> takes his hand, places over his ears. >> then i drill. >> so everybody starts giving it a go. and? >> get out. what? >> each person starts taking turns describing what they are hearing. or in this case what they are not hearing. >> actually, it's unnoticeable. it's a good feeling, a great feeling. >> it's quiet. it's quieter than it was. >> but it doesn't work for everybody. >> this is doing nothing. >> it's not working for you. >> this poor guy wanted it to work so bad. >> he quickly excuses himself and leaves. >> this is richard burrows.
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i was just there. halfway down the block i couldn't hear the noise anymore. >> suddenly it's gone. he turns around and came back. >> i kept going and i couldn't hear anything inside. >> wow. >> it hadn't been like that in so long. >> definitely not a permanent solution. >> but it seems to be a temporary one to help people get to sleep or at least be alone in their head for five minutes. >> it's a relief, you know. >> it makes me feel that my other scars can get better, too. >> i thought it was really quite fascinating. >> if anything else they got the conversation started so they can do further research. the blend between men and machine never more apparent and evident than between these. r.j. anderson inside his razor
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xp, highly modified tv. we've seen the guy put out these videos before, and this the latest. they are screaming through the mountains east of san diego. start off some simple jumps. tackli tackling the wolves. this flies. after that, nice step up jump over to the rail slide. >> oh, no way. >> the wall of death. you're right. round and round. the trap door at the bottom of the wall of death opens back up, and dips back out. and to celebrate the successful completion of the wall of death,
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huge backflip. >> look at that drone. it was like it was going to take him out. >> because it does. the drone comes down, does not land perfectly on the ramp. just awesome. >> she's worried about the dog's new collar, so she gets dad to test it first. >> that's basically what dads are in the family, just a guinea pig. >> see why trying it on
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bit. use it hot. >> i'm pretty sure that's not going to cost you $50 a leg. >> a dilemma. >> my dog's collar. i'm concerned that it will harm him. >> a responsible dog owner. they got one of those collars, a shock collar, which they were hoping was going to prevent the dog from barking. >> she's worried. she's worried it's going to hurt the dog. there is only one logical way to test it. >> i'm going to put it on my dad. >> that's basically what dads are in the family, just a guinea pig. is this going to hurt or damage? get dad to try it. >> sets up, looks a little bit tense. >> i want the dog in the house to do the barking. >> funny you say that, the second rubbish bark, the dog decides to show him how to do
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it. >> the initial one. >> shocks him. he's trying not to swear because his daughter is in the room. of course, any noise from this point on just makes it worse. >> his daughter is cracking up. the misses comes in. the irony of the situation, he ends up on all fours as if he is the family dog. >> i love the wife's face there. >> the next time daddy starts barking like the big dog, the shock collar. >> the experiment paid off. not sure what's going to happen with the dog. this young lady -- >> the dog in the corner like, i told you. >> hey, thanks for watching. please watch the next
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tonight, breaking news. the apparent terror attack in paris. two officers targeted. isis claiming responsibility. just a short time ago. one officer, killed. one wounded. authorities swarming one of the most famous tourist locations in the world. our foreign correspondent standing by. the discovery in this country. the teacher accused of kidnapping his former student is under arrest tonight. the 15-year-old girl is found. authorities on the scene, where they discovered them more than 2,000 miles away. two officers, shot in seattle. authorities say a botched robbery. the manhunt right now for at least one suspect. we have new reporting on what could be a big payout at fox. after bill o'reilly is fired. tonight, reports he could be walking away with up to $25


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